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Should I Sell My Junk Car To A Dealer? What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages?

Getting rid of an old junk car can be an arduous task. Junk car dealers are in business to help people in this exact situation. Their help means the process can be hassle-free and simple, and surprisingly, environmentally-friendly. A good dealer will save you a lot of time and money; They will quickly give you a quote for your car, handle removing the car from your property, and pay you cash on the spot without any fuss. And the dealer has the expertise to deal with old cars so they do not degrade and harm the environment.

Four Advantages To Working With A Junk Car Buyer:

  1. It’s easy. You can get an instant offer over the phone by simply answering a few questions, such as the age, make & model, condition and location of the vehicle.
  1. It’s convenient. You do not need to go to their location; a junk car removal professional will come to you, inspect your vehicle and pay you cash for your car.
  1. It’s profitable. The dealer will give you cash on the spot for your old car and transport it for free, even if it needs a tow.
  1. It’s painless. You do not have to handle any of the paperwork, such as the transfer of the title.

If you have a car that you have not used for a long time, you need to contact a junk car dealer. If you have a car that is in bad condition, gotten old, or damaged, you need a dealer to help. Here are the reasons:

Extra Space In Your Home

A car is not a small object. It takes up a lot of space. You can do a lot more with that space like park a new car or use it for storage.

Reduce Environmental Degradation

A junk car lying around for long periods of time degrades. It is not good for the environment. A professional junk car removal company will prevent this from happening by dealing with an old junk car, even if it means safely disposing it without causing additional environmental hazards in the process.

Save You From Having To Find A Buyer

Using a professional and experienced junk car dealer saves a lot of time and hassle in finding a buyer for your car. The dealer will pay you cash instantly and help you with the legal requirements and paperwork.

Your Needs Will Be Attended To Immediately

Generally, when working with a junk car removal company, their response to your needs is quick. They will give you a quote on the phone and are anxious to get the car once the deal is made. They will arrange a pick up as soon as possible, at your earliest convenience.

You Get A Free Quote For Your Vehicle

You can get a free quote for your car without leaving the comfort of your home. Most junk car dealers will provide a quote on the phone or you can request a quote through their website.

You Deal Directly With One Person

You have the pleasure of dealing with one professional, the junk car removal dealer. You will not have to deal with person after person should you take the route of selling the car yourself. And these days, that’s a big benefit. The dealer will make the process easy, convenient and safe.

Disadvantages Of Using A Junk Car Dealer

  1. Disadvantages of working with a junk car dealer come into play only if the dealer is not knowledgeable or reputable. It is important to find a good dealer that knows what he’s doing. The dealer must know how to handle the legal forms and requirements, especially if the title to the car is not available.
  1. Make sure the price the dealer is offering for the vehicle a good one. Go to a different dealer if you are not getting a price you are happy with.
  1. Don’t feel pressured or rush into doing business with a company you don’t feel completely comfortable with. Check out the company and make an informed decision.


Consider the information presented above when deciding on how to get rid of a junk car and who to work with. Working with a junk car dealer, as long as it is a good one, is sensible. It will save you time and trouble. If you need assistance to get rid of an old vehicle, give us a call. We accept any car, any model, any condition. And we will make the process easy.


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