Broken Car

What To Know About Selling A Broken-Down Car

Cars break down. Cars get wrecked. Maybe that’s the situation you find yourself in, or maybe you have inherited a car that’s not in the best condition. Whatever the reason, you have on your hands a car that’s not safe to drive. The best solution is not always to repair a broken car. It may be a better idea to sell it as is and get a little extra cash.

Options for selling a damaged or broken-down car are available. The car can be dismantled down to its individual parts and sold separately to parts dealers, or the entire car can be sold as scrap. The problem with these options is that most people do not have a relationship with these types of companies, and you don’t want to get yourself into any legal troubles or cheated. It’s important that the dealer you sell to knows what’s required legally and keeps up with relevant laws. You certainly do not want to be accused or convicted of misleading claims.

That’s why doing your research and finding a reputable company to connect with is so important. But once you have found a good company, there are several things you should do before moving forward with them.

Assess And Estimate The Value Of The Car

First, consider how much the car is worth. Making a reasonable estimate of its worth will help in knowing what to expect when receiving an offer. Assess the damage to your car by getting a technician to take a look. Have the technician provide you with a review of what’s wrong with the car, but also what’s right with it as well. Being able to provide a buyer with the car’s overall condition can be very beneficial.

Should You Repair The Car?

When assessing the damaged car, you may find it is worth repairing it. A usable and road-worthy car will of course sell for more. However, in this scenario, you, the owner takes the risk of it not sell for as much as you thought, and you break even. Or maybe end up in the negative. And don’t forget about the time and effort involved in repairing it and selling it yourself.

Selling your junk car to a salvage company

Often, selling a damaged, broken-down car to a salvage yard is the simplest solution. Salvage yards are full of cars and trucks that have been declared irreparable by their previous owners. They cannot be driven off the lot in their present condition. But they are still valuable for their spare parts and metal. The drawback to selling to a salvage yard is that you are not likely to get much money.

Sell parts of your car individually.

If there are many functioning parts in the car, especially ones that are of high value, you can remove those parts and sell them individually. This generally involves selling these parts to individuals looking for those components. You can try putting them on online sites that are set up to sell these types of items. This sounds like a headache but will most likely give you a decent profit.

Selling to a junk car dealer

Junk car dealers, like Bellinger & Son Wrecker Service purchase broken-down cars. Once purchased, they take on the risk of getting the car in a condition that will provide them with the most profit. It is a very easy solution for the owner of the junk car because they do not have to invest the time and effort in repairing the vehicle and selling it, as well as handle the paperwork. Basically, the owner is selling the car for the most they can get in its damaged condition. No risk. And the dealer will charge nothing to pick up the car, even if it must be towed.

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