Sell Your Car Without A Title

Sell Your Junk Car Without A Title

You have a car you want to get rid of, but you don’t have the title. Maybe you lost it, maybe you inherited it and the title didn’t come along, or maybe the car was abandoned on your property. So, you’ve just let it sit until you can figure out what needs to be done to get rid of it. The car is just getting older and more damaged, and you could use some extra money if you could just sell it. You wonder if there’s a way to sell a car without a title; Who buys junk cars without a title?

What Exactly Is A Car Title?

A car title is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership. In a nut shell, the title states that you are the legal owner of your car. Without a title, you cannot prove you own the car; therefore, you cannot sell it.  

The title includes information about the vehicle, such as the owner, make, model, VIN number, odometer reading, and lienholder information. It is the most important document when it comes to your car and accompanies the car throughout its life. When selling your car, the title is transferred to the new owner and a new one is reissued. This makes the new owner responsible for the vehicle, and the seller no longer carries any liability related to the vehicle.

Is It Possible To Sell A Car Without A Title?

If the title of a car is lost or unavailable, you cannot sell the car. In fact, you may incur risks such as penalties or fines. You must obtain a replacement or duplicate title to sell the car. But this can be tricky. There are other options if you do not have the title: You can sell the car’s parts separately. This can be difficult if this is something you have never done before. You must find mechanics that purchase parts in this way. Or you can put parts up online, but you must have solid information to include in these postings. For example, if you are selling the tires, buyers will need to know their brand and condition, the miles that have been driven on them. You can sell the car to a scrap yard. Or a combination of the two – sell the valuable parts yourself and then sell the rest of the car to a scrap yard.

But if the car is not damaged to the point of no return, most people prefer selling the car to another driver that will use the car and appreciate its value. There of course would be more money in that option as well. However, in order to sell the car in its entirety, you must have the title.

It might be beneficial to do a little research to see if you can get a copy. The title might still be at the bank if the car has not been completely paid off. Contact the financial institution that lent the money to purchase the car to see if that is the case.

Some buyers, such as junk car dealers are willing to take on the legwork needed to obtain a car’s title, but those buyers often will give you less money for the car since they will have to spend time getting it done.

So, Is The Process Of Obtaining A Duplicate Title All That Complicated?

Well, yes, it can be. The method varies from place to place and the DMV generally only wants to issue a replacement title to the current registered owner. That may or may not be you. You will have to show proof of ownership. Start the process by looking online to find where to apply, fill out the necessary paperwork, pay the fee to initiate the process, and see how it goes. If the duplicate title is issued, you can access it online and print a copy or request to have the title sent to you by mail. 

Who Buys Junk Cars Without A TitleBellinger & Son Wrecker Service Buys Cars With Or Without A Title

At Bellinger & Son Wrecker Service, we specialize in purchasing cars that do not have titles. We know how to handle this challenging situation. At Bellinger, we know that titles can often be lost or misplaced. We will apply for a new or replacement title with the DMV and handle all aspects of the transfer. You will not have the headache of dealing with any of the hassles.  Contact us at Bellinger & Son to learn more.


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