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Six Things To Know Before Calling A Company Who Takes Junk Cars

Getting rid of an old broken-down vehicle that has become useless waste in your yard is one of the big advantages of a junk car removal company. When cars reach the end of their useful life, they become a nuisance. A junk car dealer can help. They will buy your junk car and pick it up, completely eliminating the problem. And better yet, they will pay you cash for it.

Things To Know Before Calling A Company Who Takes Junk Cars

  • They will buy your car regardless of the type, age and condition of the vehicle.
  • You do not need to have the title, although it is preferred.
  • A running car will sell at the highest price. A car that can be repaired can also yield a good price.
  • A quote should be provided to you on the phone and up-front once you answer a few questions.
  • Expect the price to be based on real market value.
  • A good company will pick-up the vehicle free of charge. If the car needs to be towed, they will arrange for a tow – again, at no charge to you.

Make Sure You Get The Following From A Company Who Takes Junk Cars

  • Fast responsive service
  • Top dollar for your junk car
  • Guaranteed offer with no strings attached
  • Cash on the spot, before the car leaves your property
  • A comprehensive, fair, and hassle-free junk car removal procedure
  • All legal requirements carefully followed
  • Timely pick-up
  • Environmentally conscious processes are used if they have to break the car down; hazardous fluids and materials are handled safely, recycling when possible

In review, insist on a quick guaranteed offer, free towing of your car, fast service – process completed in less than 48 hours, and a hassle-free experience with all paperwork done by the dealer. This is what Bellinger & Son offers their customers. Contact us today to get the process started. We will make it easy and pain-free.


We Buy Junk Vehicles

Bellinger & Son is a local junk car buyer serving the Charlotte and surrounding area. We accept junk cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. We offer cash on the spot, free pickup or towing. No hidden fees or costs.