When And How To Sell Your Junk Car

Junk car removal companies will pay you for your old used clunker. But how do you know if you are getting a good price for your car? This market can be unpredictable and volatile. There is no fixed price. The price that the scrap car dealer will pay depends largely on the condition of the car. But knowing what to expect and ask may get you a better price.

First and foremost, be realistic in your expectations of what your car is worth. The junk car buyer will factor in the car’s current market value, the year, make and model, the mileage, the brand reputation, and the car’s condition.

There are other ways to get money for your old car, however, these options require a lot more leg work for you, the seller. You can do the following and may get a bit more money; But these efforts may not be worth the time and interaction with potential buyers that may not be pleasant.

Your ticket to extra cash might be knocking on the door. The time seems perfect to lay your hand on some fast cash by selling a working used car or turn your scrappy clunker into a hunk of metal for cash. 

Other avenues for selling an old car:

1. Ask used car dealers how much they would pay for your car.

2. If you are purchasing a new car, see how much you would get for trading it in.

3. Sell your car online by advertising on local media platforms.

4. Sell your car by placing a sign on the car and hoping to get a response.

With all of the methods above, you will need to prove ownership by providing the title. If you do not have the title, your best option is a company that buys junk cars.

When looking for the best method and attempting to get the most money, do your research. Know what your car’s Blue Book value is, check out other ‘appraise your car’ sites, and google to see what a comparable car sells for.   

Tips For Getting The Most For Your Working Used Car

1. Make sure the dealer adhere to the process of dismantling your vehicle that is environment-friendly 

2. The dealer removes all the materials that are hazardous and harmful to the environment

3. Segregate the material that can be reused or resold, and the materials that can be recycled 

4. After removing the car, the dealer must provide a certificate for legal issues.

Tips For Getting The Most For Your Working Used Car

Never forget that there is always a market for a working used car. To sell your car faster and maximize your old car’s potential to yield a higher return, offer extras such as sharing the service record of the car. Potential buyers put value on getting the owner’s manual and any other relevant paperwork.


Taking quick action means you will get that old junk car that is in the way, taking up space, or looking unappealing sitting on your property. And best of all, you will get some extra cash on hand from it. Bellinger & Son Wrecker Service is here to help you achieve the above. Contact us today and get the quick and easy process started. Be rid of your clunker and have cash in hand in no time.




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