Junk Car Towing

Why Paying For Towing Might Not Be The Best Option For A Car That’s Not Running

Unfortunately, when you have a car that is not drivable, you will need to have it towed. You may think that’s your only option if you are experience any of the following:

  • the car won’t start
  • it has a transmission problem
  • there’s body damage that makes it undrivable
  • you have an abandoned car on your property

But towing is not cheap and the car may not be worth it. If that’s the case, what should you do?

Call A Junk Car Dealer

A junk car dealer will tow the vehicle and get it off your hands for free. More importantly, a good dealer will give you cash on the spot for the purchase of the vehicle. And most will never charge you for the towing service. To ensure you get cash for your junk car, request a quote from the dealer before they tow your car. 

Junk car removal is a simple process. Search online for ‘Junk car removal near me’. Most reputable junk car buyers in Charlotte, NC will have a website with a link to get a free quote. You can either fill out the form and submit it, or call them. The junk car company will ask you some basic questions and provide a quote. If you agree with the price they offer, the junk car removal company will schedule a time to come to pick up the car and give you cash. The process is so easy and hassle-free.

The problem arises when the junk car dealer you have contacted does not provide towing in your area. In that case, you will need to tow the vehicle to their junkyard. Or, you can contact a different dealer that services your area. Do everything possible to avoid paying for the towing service and get top dollar for your vehicle.

Does My Junk Car Need To Be Running To Get Top Dollar?

Most junk car removal companies accept cars in any condition, running or not. They know that every vehicle, regardless of its condition, has value. Obviously, if a car is running, it will have more inherent value. If it’s not running but the repair required to get it running is minor, that will make it worth more than one that will be costly to repair. And it may not be possible or worthwhile to repair it. In that case, the car will have to be sold as scrap. A scrap car also has valuable due to the materials used to build it, not as much for obvious reasons.

Is It Worth Fixing Up A Clunker Before Getting Rid Of It?

That all depends on the cost of the repair. Car repairs can be expensive with no guarantees that there aren’t more repairs lurking around the corner. The question it comes down to is “How much should I spend and how long should I bear the expenses of repairing this car? How often have you heard, I just spent $1000 on my car and now I still have to get rid of it. In most cases, the best idea is to stop throwing good money after bad, and start anew. Take the cash you save by not repairing the clunker, combine it with the cash you get from the junk car dealer, and buy a new car.

Armed with this information, you can now make a better decision regarding what to do about your old junk car. For hassle-free junk car removal, let Bellinger & Son Wrecker Service help.

Bellinger & Son Wrecker Service will:

  • Buy your car regardless of condition
  • Give you cash on the spot
  • Never charge you for towing or car removal
  • Evaluate your car and provide a quote
  • Take care of all the paperwork and any legal issues for free
  • Dispose of all car fluids and materials in an environment-friendly way

Avoid the aggravation and frustration of getting rid of a junk car. Contact us today to get peace of mind and cash in your pocket.


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