Scrap Car Pick Up

Scrap Car Pick Up – How to Get Top Dollar for Removal

One of the major advantages of scrap car pick up and removal is alleviating the waste produced by the vehicles reaching the end of their useful life.  Scrap car pickup is done regardless of whether you possess all the legal documents or the type of vehicle you want to remove. Your scrap car will still be picked up even if you do not have an active title for your car.

The only hindrance that may appear is the serviceability of the scrap car pick-up service. The scrap car dealer must be able to send their tow truck to your premises to arrange for the scrap car pickup.

If you do not have the doorstep service in your area for junk car pick up, you need to arrange a tow truck on your own to send your clinker to the junkyard. If your scrap car is running, then you may drive to the local junkyard.

8 Things to Remember before calling the scrap yard for pick up services

1.  Scrap Car dealer coverage across North America is vital


2. The scrap car dealer must offer the pickup service free of charge


3. If you need to pay cash for your scrap car pick up, negotiate the end cost and the pick charges and take the confirmation in the email before you embark on the activity


4. Make sure the final destination of the clunker is dealers authorized treatment facility (ATF) and not anywhere else


5. Make sure that the ATF uses environment-friendly comprehensive de-pollution processing to have rid of the hazardous fluids and materials paving a safe path for dismantling and recycling of your junk vehicle


6. Ensure the car components and parts are salvaged before forwarding it for crushing


7. Ensure you get paid in cash or cash transfer before the car leaves your premises


8. Check the Terms & Conditions stipulated on the dealer’s website before engaging with them


Insist on a guaranteed offer, free towing of your car, complete the process in the standard time (less than 48 hours), and hassle-free experience with all paperwork done by the dealer.

Things to Look for Before Making the Scrap Deal Pick Up

Scrap Car Pickup

There are a few things that you must ensure before the deal gets in motion:

1. Ensure you get the get top dollar for your junk car at the real market value.

2. A running car fetches a higher price than the metal scrap weight-based valuation

3. The process is seamless, simple, and with no strings attached

4. A comprehensive, fair, and environ-friendly junk car removal procedure

5. Guaranteed offer with Cash on the spot

Another option is to fix your car instead of selling it at scrap value. Weighing between the gain from fixing a totaled car and selling a running car to a fair dealership is what you need to ponder on.

Fixing totaled and wrecked vehicles can be expensive beyond imagination. Fixing may be recurring, time-consuming, and hassled. While selling a scrap car is a one-time activity, the perfect foundation to buy your next car with the cash you receive may be bigger and a better one.

Before Giving the Go AHead

Work with reputable car buyers in your area. Ensure a fair & smooth process is in place. Do not negotiate with unreliable buyers found on the internet classified sites because they will make tall promises but skip some of those when you commit to them.

Ensure same-day removal of the scrap car so that you do not have to make repeated visits to the junkyard.

When the tow truck arrives, do not feel shy to ask for the cash on the spot. Almost all scrap car removal dealers guarantee that you will be paid instantly before the junk car leaves your premises.

Ensure at the start that the buyers and the process are professional, friendly, and respectful during the entire dealing; if not found adhering to, you can back out from the deal at any time during the process.

Tell them clearly about the car’s condition, whether it is running or totaled, year, make, model, year, and mileage to remove any ambiguity at the advanced stage of the deal to save time.

Insist on a professional visit at your place for the inspection and valuation to seal the deal. Do not encourage annoying negotiations, deviate from the price promised, no hidden fees or charges, free towing, and no hassles.

Scrap Car Pickup


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