Broken Car

Everything to Know About Selling a Broken Car

There are several different ways where cars break down. Perhaps you have yourself wrecked your car. Maybe you inherited a car that wasn’t in the best condition.

No matter what the excuse, this amounts to one basic thing: you are dealing with a vehicle that may not be safe to drive which you could possibly sell to make some money.

Ways to Sell Your Broken car

Various ways of selling a broken and damaged car are available.  You can sell salvage parts and whole destroyed cars by scrap lots and other usable parts dealers.  If you plan to sell your broken vehicles, though, keep up with laws and make sure you don’t violate the law and become convicted of misleading claims and take a long time to protect and safeguard yourself.

  • Assess and estimate the damages

It would be best if you considered how much cash the car is worth, so you can make a reasonable estimation of the amount of income you will make for your car to precede the process of selling it. Have a technician check the car and send you a review of the car’s overall condition and the status of the different main components in the car. You must know if certain components still work properly, as this will affect how you later sell the car.

  • Fix and repair the car

If you are trying to make a little extra money off your broken-down car and think of selling it to somebody looking at buying a perfectly running car, spend the time and effort to repair the vehicle. When you intend to sell the car in a private transaction, the car can be restored to the point that it is usable and roadworthy. In most situations, the cost of fixing the vehicle would be about the same after the maintenance as the car’s additional benefit. Of course, you will have to decide if this is the case for you and whether it is worth the effort to rebuild the car or not.

  • Consider selling your car to a salvage lot.

For somebody with a broken or destroyed car, selling the car to a junk car buyer is the simplest solution. Salvage lots are automobile lots where all cars and trucks for sale were declared irreparable by their previous owners. The vehicles do not perform themselves efficiently and cannot be driven off of the lot as they are. Nevertheless, they are still beneficial as scrap metal for both still functioning spare parts and, if all else go wrong. One main drawback to selling your car to a salvage lot is that you are highly improbable to get a great deal for the car unless a significant number of the car’s different components are still fully operational and can conveniently be resold as spare parts.

  • Sell parts of your car individually.

Another way to get rid of a broken car is to remove the car parts which are useful and effective and sell them separately. If some of your vehicle’s parts are still in good condition, you can sell those components by yourself to make some of your money back. Try offering salvage yards with these components. Give them for sale to private buyers if they won’t take them, or if you think you might receive more profit somewhere else. Take lists of online classifieds in your local newspaper and add sales on the internet through online sites.

Broken Car


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