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You can expect us to remove non-essential features of a car dealership to keep the cost of car removal in check as we believe in forging relationships than having just a one-time business deal.


You just need one phone call to get the best price in a single visit. You can trust us and be assured of completing all the paperwork for the legal issues before your clunker is hauled away.

Why Do You Want to Haul Away Your Junk Car for Removal?

Do not leave that unwanted scrappy old clunker sitting around taking extra space which can be used otherwise more productively.


Cash in on a salvage car buyer now.  You know that the daily life of a scrap car hauler is not that great and involves a lot of sweating and hard work; nonetheless, you can bestow your trust in us to deliver seamless results with fast and friendly service.


We are a junk car removal outfit paying the best cash for cars you can to sell regardless of whether totaled, wrecked, damaged, scrap or salvage. Try to find a reputable scrap car dealer near you.


The dealer customer service desk is a call away.


If you are eco-conscious, we are too, so leave fears to rest. Our committed environment-friendly comprehensive auto scrap & recycling procedure is quality tested to alleviate the adverse effects of global warming and pollution.

Buy Your Car for Cash

Top 6 Difficulties You May Face Removing Your Scrap Vehicle

You may need after hour pickups or on weekends since you are busy during the week.


You may need a flatbed trailer because your vehicle is missing wheels or flat tires posing difficulties for a standard tow truck


If you are not able to walk into a dealership, you can get a price quote for your vehicle easily over a phone call, email, or visit the dealer’s website to fill out a ‘Request a Free Quote’ form and submit online.


Next-day service is available regardless of what time you are calling our scrap car removal dealership.


The scrap car removal procedure is aligned to uphold environmental sanctity ensuring minimal adversity to air, water, and other crucial environmental aspects.


Reusing, repurposing, and recycling is the motto that drives us and our business.


When attending a request to buy a car for cash, the scrap car pick up is factored into the fees and the charges so do not end up paying anything extra once the deal is sealed.

19 Crucial Steps That Help You Do The Homework To Get The Most Money For Your Scrap Car Removal

You need to remove all the personal belongings and official and car papers before you scrap the car


Make sure that you get your Title in order to establish your right to scrap the car


Make sure you tell the dealer beforehand to scrap the most valuable parts on the car if you are not getting more than the scrap metal value of the car


Get your information handy before you engage in the scrapping of your car


Search for a nearby location to scrap your car and talk to them about the procedure they follow to scrap vehicles


Get familiar by gaining as much as you can with the process of scrapping cars


Be realistic with the price expectation based on the condition and make and model of your car than can be offered by the dealer


Negotiate on the final price offered by the dealer to scrap your car before committing to the service


Get quotes from other local salvage yards/junkyards before you zero-in the final junkyard to go with


You may shop around before taking the final call on the dealer because prices may vary to a large extent. Track metal prices so that you know whether the dealer is quoting the fair market price for metal scrap and not lower than the current one


Once decided, submit your true vehicle information, and accept the offer officially in email and not over the phone.


Make sure that the scrap car dealership is licensed and follow the environment-friendly process of scrapping


You need to can the Car’s insurance before going ahead with the scrapping


Take off the license plate as it is no more required and you do not want the license plate go into the scrapping


Gasoline needs to be used up of emptied before the car goes for scrapping


If needed, you may remove non-metal components or as suggested by the dealer


Be mindful about the common scams the auto salvage yards may attempt to maximize their profit


Verify whether the dealer is using the right and certified scale to weigh your scrap car, take along an experienced mechanic by your side might help


If you are not happy, do not hesitate to ask for a change or consider another auto salvage yard


The above list is exclusively curated to hedge you from ordeals that you may experience at the Dealership. Bringing into practice, the list will not let you lower your guard under any circumstances when you are facing a cunning dealer who will try to jazz up things. Get underway with this comprehensive list of 19 things to stay focused and prepared before walking into a scrap car removal junkyard.