Sell Your Car Without A Title

Read This Before You Sell Your Car Without A Title

So, you have a car you want to get rid of but don’t know how?

It’s been sitting there for years, without ever seeing the roads and rotting away.

Instead of keeping it that way and letting your old car hoard up your parking space, why not sell it for some decent amount of cash.

It doesn’t really need to be in working condition to make a sale. Did you know, a car in a damaged condition is still valuable and gets you a good return on sale?

This is why we recommend selling your junk car, provided you have the title and the paperwork with you.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “What if we don’t have the title or registration?”

Then worry not! There are still ways you can sell your car or obtain a duplicate title.

What is a Car Title or Registration?

A car title or registration is a legal document stating that you are the legal owner of your car. The registration or title is not just restricted to cars but also all kinds of vehicles.

 Vehicle Registration is crucial as it means that you are the lawful operator of your vehicle, and is the document is the proof of your ownership.

The title of the vehicle consists of all the relevant information about the vehicle. It is required to verify possessions in situations like crime involving the vehicle or if stolen. It is also important when selling your car.

When selling your car, you transfer the title to the buyer, and a new title is made. This makes the buyer now responsible for the vehicle, and the seller shall no longer carry any liability related to the vehicle sold.

Sell Your Car Without A Title

Do You Need a Car TItle to get RId of a Junk Car?

If you have a vehicle that has turned junk and no longer serves the purpose of being a vehicle, it is advised to sell it online or to the scraps. In case you have lost the title or registration to the car, this can become quite tricky.

In some cases, your title will be with your bank. This is when you are yet to pay your vehicle loans. You can contact your bank and ask for a transfer of title to the buyer in such cases.

The local laws about Vehicle titles are different. Titles are required to verify that you are the vehicle’s legal owner and that you are transferring the vehicle legally to the buyer.

But it is possible to sell a car without titles or registrations when selling your car for some cash. In cases where you are selling your car to dealerships, titles become important to have.

How to Sell a Junk Car Without a TItle

If you are looking to sell your junk with no titles, there are some ways you can do this. The amount of money you get paid for junk cars is directly dependent on the condition of the overall cars or even the parts of it.

We advise you to be wary of any scams and do some research before choosing your junkyards and proceeding with the selling process. Here we have listed some ways you can sell your car without a title.

  • Sell valuable parts – this would require some research about car mechanics and determining the condition of your car. Pull out the parts of the car that are in good condition and value and put them up for sale online.
  • Sell your tires – If you find that your car’s tires are in good condition, then put them up for sale online. Make sure you take good pictures of the tires and keep them presentable. There are plenty of people looking to buy used tires that still are in good and usable condition.
  • Sell it to a scrap- In case your car is damaged beyond a functioning state, it is advised you sell it off to a local scrap. Please make sure they are genuine and try and negotiate for a better price. You can also pull out the valuable parts for sale and sell the rest of the car to the scrap.
Sell Your Car Without A Title

How to Obtain a Duplicate Title for Junk Car

It is recommended that you obtain a duplicate title to make your car selling process smoother and easier. Instead of researching and trying to find ways to sell your junk car without title or registration, it is much simpler to obtain your duplicate registration to the vehicle and then goes ahead with the junk car sale.

So, how do you obtain a duplicate title?

The method varies from place to place, but you apply for duplicate vehicle titles online or offline and fill out the necessary forms, and pay a small amount fee to initiate the process of your duplicate title.

After the duplicate title is furnished, you can access it online and print a copy to present to your dealer or, you can also have the title sent to you by mail.

Every country has different rules and charging fees. Make sure to abide by them to prevent any complications. If your old title is found, you can get rid of it as it is no longer valid.


Selling your junk car is an effective way to earn some easy cash while getting rid of your junk vehicle. Although selling without a title is possible, many dealers and junkyards are often doubtful in dealing with such situations as they worry about the legal aspects of the vehicle and ownership.


Also, owning a title or obtaining a duplicate one, will eliminate hassles and prevent any sort of scams that would be held responsible under your name. This is because the title of the vehicle hasn’t been renewed during the transfer due to the failure of furnishing registration and thus, the legal ownership of the vehicle will still remain under your name even after the purchase of the vehicle by the buyer.


We suggest you be wary of such scams and circumstances and stay on the safe side and obtain a duplicate registration for your junk vehicle. 

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